Neue Auto Flight Logic Autopilot V3.7 / by Herbert Böhler

Neu in Version 3.7  (25.08.2016)

- Corrected an issue where local Flight Plans would not be migrated to the new servers

Version 3.6  (24.08.2016)

Flight Director
‐ Added multiple Waypoint Actions per Waypoint
‐ Added lnterpolated as a Waypoint Altitude and Preferred Speed source
- Added prompt to adjust Waypoint Altitude and Preferred Speed inputs when changing the default Altitude or Preferred Speed
- Updated Pano Mode to descrease the number of photos per row as the pitch decreases
- Updated several default values in Pano Mode
‐ Corrected an issue where selecting the same Vertical Start and End in Pano Mode could result in multiple rows
‐ Corrected an issue where some rounded corner flight paths would be incompatible with the DJI SDK when using LCMC
- Corrected an issue where Reference Focus Triggers were hidden after enabling LCMC
- Corrected an issue where multiple Focus Triggers would move when dragging or inserting a single Focus Trigger on Straight or Rounded Corner paths
- Corrected an issue where Vertical Waypoint Actions would be executed before the entry altitude was achieved
- Corrected an issue where the Disengage Camera Action would be executed after Iosing connection and then reconnecting to an aircraft
‐ Corrected an issue where the app would unexpectedly terminate when selecting 0%corner rounding with Rounded Corner Path Types
‐ Corrected an issue where rolling the gimbal wheel would update the Focus Subject Altitude Offset during RCOverride

- Added Custom Checklist URL setting (General)
‐ Added Custom Tile Server Map setting (Map)
‐ Added RC Flight Mode Changed setting {Mode Controls)
‐ Added Synchronize Updates setting (Mode Controls)
- Removed Disengage on RCFlight Mode setting

‐ Added copy/move by dragging Waypoint Actions

Flight Recorder
- Added Flight Plan ID and name to flight recorder Iogs
- Corrected an issue where Flight Logs would not be generated if the aircraft never returned firmware information

Airspace Manager
‐ Removed login requirement for entering Airspaces

- Updated server to support real-time Flight Plan collaboration (requires users to create a new login)
- Added AirMap status integration
‐ Added Save As and Close to the Flight Plan menu
‐ Added Flight Plan name to sharing message
‐ Moved Restore Defaults from the Flight Plan menu to the Mode Controls pane