Neue Inspire 1 Pro Firmware / by Herbert Böhler

V1.9.1.30 Major Updates

- Fixed issue of temporary Vision Positioning System sensor error on rare occasions for some aircrafts.

V1.9.1.10 Major Updates (13.06.2016)

- Updated the Flight Restriction Zone database.
- Fixed the red tone issue in high ISO settings.
- Fixed the focus breathing issue when shooting 4K video in M exposure mode and the D-log color space.
- Improved camera stability.

V1.8.1.00 Major Updates (07.04.2016)

- Improved encryption to enhance security during transmission
- Fixed the issue of batteries over-discharging when stored for extended periods of time (over 90 days).
- Fixed the issue of landing gears lowering in midair on rare occasions.
- Improved stability for camera.
- Optimized gimbal parameters.

V1.4.0.70 Major Updates (07.03.2016)

- Optimized gimbal control
- Fixed gimbal misalignment issue when powering on
- Fixed flickering issue when ISO is above 800
- Optimized image quality for 1080p60 video
- Optimized D-CINELIKE color space
- Improved white balance accuracy in manual mode

V1.3.0.60 Major Updates (22.12.2015)

Improved battery reliability when using the aircraft in cold environments
- Optimized gimbal performance giving a smoother yaw movement.

V1.2.0.50 Major Updates (09.12.2015)

- Fixed issue of battery level fluctuation
- Fixed issue of flicking lines in night scenes
- Fixed issue of flicking dots in dark areas
- Reduced noise for photos and video
- Decreased the sharpness settings for D-LOG and D-Cinelike
- Fine-tuned the tone curve for photos and video
- Tuned down 3D denoising for night scenes

V1.1.0.40 Major Updates (24.11.2015)

- Updated list of compatible lenses: Olympus 25mm/f1.8, 45mm/f1.8 and 14-42mm/f3.5-5.6 EZ
- Increased the sensor’s pixel bit-width from 10bit to 12bit for the following modes:
  4KP30/25/24, 2.7KP30/25/24 and 1080P30/25/24
- Improved the autofocus accuracy by enabling the Zooming-AF feature
- Improved the image quality by fine tuning the sharpness and contrast
- Increased the shutter speed upper limit from 1/2 s to 2 s when shooting in ‘A’ mode
- Fixed issue of the white balance tending to be warm in the daylight
- The DNG format now supports the noise profile and sharpness profile
- Fixed issue of occasional flickering exposure changes in Auto Exposure mode
- Fixed issue of corrupted DNG due to missing lens profile
- Optimized system stability
- Optimized the gimbal control parameters for better performance
- Optimized the Waypointsfeature.Released the Follow Me feature