Neue dji Inspire 1 PRO Firmware V1.10.1.40 / by Herbert Böhler


Optimiertes Flight Restriction Zone management

V1.10.1.40 Kompatibilität des Firmware Packages

  1. Firmware upgraded to v1.10.1.40
  2. DJI GO iOS upgraded to v3.1.1
  3. DJI GO Android upgraded to v3.1.1
  4. DJI CineLight upgraded to v0.9.26
  5. DJI Camera Exporter upgraded to v1.0

Major Updates

- Optimized Flight Restriction Zone management by deleting flight restrictions for some abandoned airports.

- Slowed motor stopping time to three seconds during flight.


  1. Aircraft version v1.10.1.40 and camera version v1.10.1.40 should be displayed in DJI GO. The version
  2. will only display correctly in DJI GO after connecting to the Internet when the upgrade is complete.
  3. The firmware can only be downgraded to v1.9.1.30 or later.