Neue DJI 30x Zoom Kamera / by Herbert Böhler

 Bild: DJI Z30 Kamera

Bild: DJI Z30 Kamera

DJI Launches Aerial Zoom Camera To Unlock Powerful Industrial Applications

The world’s leading aerial-imaging company said the Z30’s zoom capabilities mean it can collect precise visual data from over 100 meters and focus in on extremely precise details from distance.

“The Zenmuse Z30’s ability for image data capture is unparalleled,” said Paul Xu, director of DJI Enterprise Solutions. “With its extended range, enterprise clients can conduct millimeter-level inspections without the need to fly close, ensuring high flight safety, while increasing speed and efficiency.”

The Zenmuse Z30 seamlessly integrates with DJI’s Matrice airframes. It will work right out of the box, offering up to a 30x optical zoom and an additional digital zoom up to 6x. It can stabilize to within 0.01 degree.

Users can zoom with just a tap of the finger. The Zenmuse Z30 is fully integrated into the DJI Go app. With the new TapZoom function, the gimbal will reorient towards the object when tapping it on your screen. With each tap, the Z30 camera will automatically adjust its focal length to give an enlarged view.