Neue dji GO App 2.9.2 / by Herbert Böhler

Neue Funktionen von Version 2.9.2  (17.09.2016)

- Added support for Panorama on Osmo Mobil
- Added support for Focus Peaking on Osmo Pro and Osmo RAW
- Bug fixing

Version 2.9.1  (06.09.2016)

- Optimized the Osmo Mobile user experience
- Reduced power consumption during llvestreaming
- Bug fixing

Version 2.9.0  (02.09.2016)

- Added support for Osmo Mobile
- Added support for Osmo+
- German now available
- Fixed stability-related bugs

Version2.8.7  (16.08.2016)

- Added support for DJI Focus Handwheel
- Added support for Coach Mode in DJI Lightbridge 2
- Fixed UI error caused when using zoom lens on Zenmuse X5
‐ Fixed crash bug caused when checking some flight records.

Version 2.8.6  (04.08.2016)

- Added support for live streaming through RTMP Servers
- Fixed incorrect No GPS Signal warnings in Flight Record

Version 2.8.5  (12.07.2016)

- Added support for Zenmuse Z3
- Optimized Facebook Live streaming, minimizing grey screen and lag issues
- Improved Flight Records, adding Obstacle Avoidance status data and real-time location information.

Note: The flight records cannot be synced to DJI GO on other platform because of the improvement. This problem will be soon fixed when we update on other platforms.

Version 2.8.4  (06.07.2016)

- Added support for Ronin-MX and M600.
- lntroduced the GEO system for improved flight safety
   (currently available in 17 countries including the United States, major EU countries )and UAE).
- Optimized the Editor to allow editing and posting images and videos to Instagram.
- Added support for Alipay.
- Added 360 paneramic view in SkyPixel.
- Improved account login and registration process.
- Bug fixes.

Version 2.8.3  (01.06.2016)

- Fixed an issue which may cause Phantom 4 transmission weakness.
- Fixed an issue which may cause the 2.7K resolution option to disappear on the Phantom 3 Professional/Advanced.

Version 2.8.0  (25.04.2016)

- Added support for Matrice 600
- Added support for Osmo RAW
- Added support for A3 Flight Controller System
- Optimized CPU usage and power consumption

Version 2.7.2  (13.04.2016)

- Re-designed camera User Interface for easier controls and a nicer look
- Overhauled the Flight Record system, making every flight count
- Added new Home Point option, allowing return to the current position when the Home Point is far away
- Lowered power consumption and several smaller bug fixes

Version 2.7.1  (16.03.2016)

- Added support for Phantom 4
- Added support for Inspire RAW
- Added support for Zenmuse XT

Version 2.6.0  (02.02.2016)

- Support ZENMUSE X5R gimbal, open a new era for professional aerial photography
- Chinese New Year video templates are now available!
- Transitions and tilt‐shift effects are now supported with optimized video playback quality

Version 2.5.1  (15.01.2016)

- Fixed issue relating to No Fly Zone locations experienced by some users

Please note:
Fly or use flight simulator once, while connected to GPS and internet, to fully clear remaining NFZs in memory

Version 2.5.0  (11.01.2016)

-The Osmo now notifies users when switching between Upright, Underslung and Flashlight modes
- Lightbridge 2 plus the A2 support Home Lock, Course Lock and Point of Interest
- Brand new epic templates coming in five themes of Love, Travel, Companionship. Music and Change
- Look back on your 2015 flight log and share your memories wifl1 others. The "2016 I will...“ campaign is now live!

Version2.4.3  (18.12.2015)

- The Zenmuse X3 camera on the lnspire 1 is now compatible with the Osmo
- A revamped Osmo interface with quick access menus for the camera and gimbal
- The Home Point resetting feature is now supported by the Lightbridge 2 plus A2 flight control system

Version 2.4.2  (25.11.2015)

- Fixed issue of some users being unable to log in to their accounts

Version 2.4.1  (16.11.2015)

- Support for the DJI Focus wireless follow focus system
- The aircraft can now reset its heading in Course Lock mode. Added low altitude warning in Waypoint mode. - Added the color space option for the Osmo with 10 different color spaces including D-Log
- You can now import music from your mobile device or the music store. and save your favorite collection
- New user feedback features mean you are just a click away from telling us your thoughts...
- Optimized video player and editor performance
- You can now use the gimbal operation mode button to set the gimbal mode (free/follow) for me Zenmuse series when used together with Lightbridge 2.

Version 2.4.0  (21.10.2015)

- Added support for the DJI Osmo that helps you record videos and take photos like never before. - Follow your favorite artists and friends
- Apply soundtracks to videos of any length

Version 2.3.0  (05.10.2015)

1. Added support for Zenmuse X5 series gimbal
2. Added support for DJI Lightbridge 2 that provides dual controller mode and professional SD! video output
3. Added support for mixing of aircraft videos with mobile device videos. Bring extra perspecfive to your videos
4. New video filters are available in the Library
5. Introduced unlockable user medals. Multiple GUI and performance optimizations
6. Compatible with i089. Fixed multi-language issue and enhanced stability

Version 2.2.0  (07.09.2015)

1. Intelligent Navigation Modes in F-Mode:
 - Course Lock ‐ lock the heading of the aircraft so you can turn the camera separately
 - Home Lock - safer fly the aircraft back to the Home Point without loss of orientation
 - Follow Me ‐ tell the aircraft to follow your movement
 - Point of Interest ‐ orbit around a point of interest
 - Waypoints ‐ plan shots with predefined waypoints and flight paths
2. Various bug fixes.

Supported Aircraft firmware:
Phantom 3 Professional/Advanced firmware v1.4.10 cr above. Phantom 3 Standard firmware v1.1.30 or above
Inspire 1 firmware v1.4.0.10 or above

Version 2.1.0  (14.08.2015)

Add support for Phantom 3 Standard;
- Various bug fixes;

Version 2.0.0  (04.08.2015)

1. Brand new UI
2. Record and upload aerial videos, and sync them to your mobile device in real-time
3. Upload of your artwork in one click. Access and share them anytime
4. Single videos can also be shared and there are more video templates to choose from
5. New photo editing features including color adjustments, cropping, watermarks and filters
6. New ‘Explore’ page which Iet's you interact with other aerial photographers and learn about DJl's latest news;
7. Added DJI BBS to allow you to share ideas with others
8. Support for the M100 Onboard SDK activation;
9. Bugs fixes for improved stability

Please note:
The Phantom 3 Professional firmware must be updated to v1.3.20 or above in order to use the Library functions in the
DJI GO app.
The Inspire 1 firmware must be updated to v1.3.0 or above in order to use the Library functions in the DJI GO app.

Version 1.2.0  (25.05.2015)

- Added support for the Matrice 100 flying platform
- Added center point reference in Camera View
- Added option to upgrade the remote controller firmware via the DJI Pilot app'
- Various bug fixes

Version 1.1.2  (27.05.2015)

- Added “Set Home Point" feature for Phantom 3, you can set the position of your aircraft or iPhone/Pad as the Home Point.
- YouTube Broadcast can be used on Phantom 3 Advanced now.
- Multiple experience improvements and bug fixes.

Version 1.1.1  (06.05.2015)

- Now you can use the DJI Pilot APP with your Phantom 3 AdvancefProfessional fiying platform - Create professional Drone Video with “Director" Wdeo Editor
- Broadcast your view wifl1 “YouTube Live Streaming"
- Bug fixes

Note: Only the Phantom 3 with firmware version 1.1.6 or above will connect to the DJI Pilot App.

Version 1.0.3  (03.04.2015)

- Fix bugs

Version 1.0.2  (25.02.2015)

1. Fix bug of motor unable to unlock
2. lmprove the interface

Version 1 .0.1  (13.02.2015)

- Fix bugs

Version 1.0  (11.02.2015)

- initial Version