Neue Auto Flight Logic Autopilot App V3.5 / by Herbert Böhler

New in Version 3.5

Hardware Support
- Added support for the Inspire 1 PRO
- Added support for the Inspire 1 RAW
- Added support for the Matrice 600

Flight Director
‐ Added Image Recognition via a new Pattern Focus Strategy (define the pattern by using two fingers on the camera view and swipe up to cancel)
‐ Added Pano Mode and Pano Waypoint Actions
- Added Lost Connection Mission Continuation (LCMC) to Waypoint Mode
- Added Auto-Land as a Mission Completion option in Waypoint Mode
- Added automatic deceleration when approaching Waypoints with actions
‐ Added interpolation between Focus Trigger with Direction and Subject Focus Strategies
‐ Updated course offset angles to be expressed as 180 to 4 8 0 degrees
- Reduced maximum Waypoint speed to 34 mph
- Corrected an issue where the Focus Subject Altitude Offset would not automatically calculate when rolling the gimbal wheel in Focus Mode
- Corrected an issue where telemetry data could persist after power-cycling an aircraft
‐ Corrected an issue where Camera Triggers would not be removed after deleting all Waypoints
‐ Corrected an issue where Waypoint Mode would not automatically be selected after loading a KML file
- Corrected an issue where the aircraft would fly to the first Waypoint after reaching the Mission Start marker
- Corrected an issue where subject altitude offsets would not interpolate with Subject Focus Triggers
- Corrected an issue where the Waypoint target pip would lead the aircraft too quickly at the start of a mission

Flight Dashboard
‐ Added additional diagnostic status messages to the Flight Dashboard
- Corrected an issue where using the Mode Map Position button would not include Focus Subject locations

‐ Added negative altitudes up to -60 m f -197 ft for Min Altitude Movement Parameter
‐ Added DroneLogbook Server Setting

- Updated the map to center on the operator when opening Autopilot with Cruise Mode selected
‐ Corrected an issue where the Mission Previewer would render speeds incorrectly on Rounded Corner Path Types
‐ Corrected an issue where the Path Inspector aircraft marker would disappear on Path segments governed by Focus Strategies other than Subject or Direction

Flight Recorder
- Corrected an issue where the flight logs would not always have battery information
‐ Corrected an issue where the flight logs might not be uploaded to a third-party service immediately after a flight

Version 3.4  (25.04.2016)

Flight Director
- Added Rounded Corners Waypoint Path Type
- Decreased minimum speed from 2 mph to 0.4 mph
- Corrected an issue that could cause the aircraft to rapidly decelerate under certain conditions

Version 3.3  (15.04.2016)

Hardware Support
- Added support for the Phantom 4
- Added support for Zenmuse XT
‐ Added support for pausing engagements via the hardware pause button (Phantom 4 Remote Control}

Flight Director
- Added Reference Focus Triggers
- Added Waypoint Actions (Hover and Vertical} with timed Camera Actions (optional)
- Updated Waypoint Mode to use the Left Remote Control Joystick to control the speed and direction of flight when using Joystick Mission Type, and the Mark location when using Mark Mission Type - Removed support for gimbal roll when using Joystick Focus Strategy
- Corrected an issue that would intermittently prevent Camera Trigger execution
‐ Corrected an issue where using the aircraft location for certain Mode Controls (such as Target Mark) would inadvertently record and apply a course and velocity if the aircraft was in motion

Flight Dashboard
‐ Changed imperial vertical speed units from feet p e r minute (fpm) to feet p e r second {ftis}
- Added RCParameters section with customizable actions for C1and C2 (Toggle Map [ Camera, Use Aircraft Location, Reset Gimbal, Disengage, Pause} - Moved RC I n p u t Enabled if Available to RC Parameters section and renamed to Mode Control I n p u t
- Corrected an issue where Simba! Responsiveness would not always apply when set to Instant

‐ Added pattern options to the Waypoint drawing tool (line, grid, circle}
- Added separate Waypoint Rotate and Size controls
- Added Max Distance Map Circles (Movement and Destination Parameters)
- Updated the M a p to show the Waypoint Transform controls in with Intermediate controls selected
- Corrected an issue where some Map icons would not resize when changing the icon size in the settings
- Corrected an issue where Camera and Focus Triggers would reposition incorrectly when positioned near overlapping portions of the Flight Path

Airspace Manager
- Corrected an issue where invalid data would display for some aircraft and handhelds in the Airspace Manager

- Added vision detection info [Phantom 4} to the Flight Dashboard and Flight Logs
- Updated the Save as New Flight Plan dialog to use the previous name and description if available
- Corrected an issue where the app would incorrectly attempt to import a KML file on launch under certain conditions