New dji A2 Controller Firmware / by Herbert Böhler

Das neue Firmware Pakage 2.7 vom 5. Januar 2016 ...

Inhalt des Firmware Package 2.7

A2 Controller Unit Firmware V2.7
A2 IMU Firmware V2.5
A2 GPS PRO Firmware V2.6
A2 Receiver Firmware V1.1
A2 LED Firmware V2.1

Kompatibilität des Firmware Package V2.7

A2 Assistant Software for Mac V1.9
DJI Assistant App iOS Device V1.1.27
PC Ground Station V4.0.11
iPad Ground Station V1.4.62

V2.7 Major Firmware Updates (Release Notes)

- Improved compatibility with the DJI GO app (Lightbridge 2 required)
   1. OSD flight data in the Camera View including control mode, battery voltage and battery warnings.
   2. Dynamic Home Point feature.
   3. In-app enabling of the Home Lock and Course Lock features.
- Added PMU connection status detection:
   1. If detected before takeoff, motors will not start and takeoff is prevented.
   2. If detected during flight, the LED module will flash red four times and repeat.
- After the Home Point has been successfully recorded, the LED module will flash purple five times

V2.6 Major Firmware Updates (Release Notes)

- Added support for DJI Lightbridge2.
- Fixed issue of the second level voltage protection (Critical Low Battery Warning) being triggered incorrectly

V2.5 Major Firmware Updates (Release Notes)

- Fixed issue of the Motor Test Function automatically triggering when DJI Assistant v1.6 is connected to the A2 flight controller with firmware v2.3 or earlier.
 - Added support for Zenmuse gimbal channel control, allowing users to control the aircraft and gimbal using a single remote.
 - Modified Home Lock control mode that creates a no-fly zone of 10m radius around Home Point. This is to prevent the pilot from becoming disorientated.
 - Addeddata recording forGNSS coordinates and aircraft attitude. Use the latest iOSD Data Viewer to export this data for post-processing.
 - Fixed PC groundstation display and waypoint related issues.
 - Changed the default action for the first level voltage alarm from a flashing light to RTH.
 - Fixed heading problem during initialization when using the GPS-COMP-PRO-PLUS module.

V2.4 Major Firmware Updates (Release Notes)