A2 - Imposible Precise - A New Standard in Flight Control / by Herbert Böhler

Die neue Chipset-Generation im dji A2 GPS-Compass Pro Plus Modul, verbessert die Positionsgenauigkeit und die Flugsicherheit stark.

dji A2 GPS Pro Plus Advantage

- Catch more satellites
- The SNR Health Index is higher, and the SNR Fluctuation Index is smaller and more stable
- Better anti-interference capabilities.

dji A2 GPS Pro Plus Hardware

- A new generation chipset is used to improve anti-interference, satellite acquisition and positioning accuracy
- Improved filtering to minimize interferences
- Optimized receiving chain to gather better data and increase sensitivity

dji A2 GPS Pro Plus Software

The app assistant software (version: 1.1.22) and iPad ground station (version: 1.4.62) now have a new “SNR Health Index” and “SNR Fluctuation Index” screen that monitors GPS signals. By referring to these two values, users can find the best places to takeoff and fly their aircraft. (SNR Wiki)

‘SNR Health Index’ reflects the GPS signal strength captured by the GPS receiver. A larger number indicates a stronger GPS signal received. We highly recommend you only takeoff when the SNR Health is greater than 35. (SNR Health Wiki)

‘SNR Fluctuation Index’ reflects the overall stability of the current GPS signal. A smaller number indicates the signals have less fluctuation, which means a more stable GPS signal captured. (SNR Fluctuation Wiki)

These values change in real time with aircraft maneuvers and changes in environmental interference.

For more details, please visit: wiki.dji.com